10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It is that time of year again when many of us agree to join in with the Secret Santa Gift buying.

But what do you buy that person?

Below are some gift ideas for around £10 – which I think are slightly different and may help you decide what to get that difficult person.

31 Day Mindfulness Challenge Cards – Take One a Day for a Month of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is said to help with creativity, peace of mind and reduce stress – we all need that at this time of year. It has been said that is can take 30 days to make a habit change. Hence these cards offer a different way of thinking each day.

RSWellness Soy Wax Melts Scented – 16 Heart Wax Melts Gift Set 

What I love about this is that it is a gift that will last. Who does not love any type of candle. These will suit everyone as they are not only vegan but pet friendly.

These are a great alternative to scented candles. You just put one or two hearts (depending on your preferred scent strength) into your candle burner.

They are hand made from a company in S Wales

The Sweeney Action Paced Crime Drama Board Game

I thought this was a little different. Many people remember The tv cop show The Sweeney so why not now play the board game.

SSED The Wacky Would You Rather Card Game 

This is the classic ‘Would you rather’ game.

Great for round the table at Christmas!

There are over 200 questions and 600 answers.

It is travel size and the game is 15 minutes.

Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit – 5 Bottle, Colour Changing Infusing Kits   

Who does not like a good cocktail and Christmas time is the ideal time to try out new flavours

The gin that transforms from blue/purple to pink when mixed with tonic water.

Included in the pack are an instruction booklet, an eco-friendly cotton filter bag, blue pea flowers, bottle labels, a tasting pipette, and an earl grey infusion – just add 700ml of vodka per batch.

The Butt Tape Dispenser – Novelty Desk Accessory  

This made me laugh and no doubt the receiver will find it very funny as well.

Perfect for the person who has everything.

Included accessories – Tape, Paperclips, Pen, Sticky Notepad.

Calma Llama Fun Stress Toy  

Do you work with an animal lover – ideally llamas?

Great de-stress toy. It also helps with anxiety. You can carry it around with you as well.

Plant Theatre Bonsai Tree Kit 

Maybe you have a work colleague who loves gardening or maybe lives in a flat with no garden. This would be a perfect secret santa gift

This kit includes seeds for 3 different types of distinctive bonsais; Silver Birch, Red Maple, and Mountain Pine.

Also 6 growing pots, 6 peat discs, 6 markers, and 6 sealable propagator bags so you have everything you need to grow your own beautiful, ornamental miniatures.

Whisky Stones Gift Set 

Whisky stones are a new way to cool drinks while it maintains the flavour of your favourite drink as it chills. These stone will never ruin the real taste like ice cubes.

The whisky rocks are made of 100% natural stones, with a high-tech polish process to avoid scratching glasses. They are non-porous, tasteless, and odorless so have no worry about materials. Besides, IIIMY whisky stones would not get stained when being used with wine. Just wash them in time and they would be reusable for several years.

LED Gloves  

These LED gloves are great. Do you have to buy for someone who loves night fishing for example.

There is a rechargeable battery.

LED gloves are 100% eco friendly fabric

Gloves are great for both male and female.

There must be someone you know you loves running, repairing, walking the dog, cycling, camping reading etc. So the ideal Secret Santa Gift!

So as you can see from the above I have tried to source 10 good Secret Santa gift ideas that would please everyone.

I hope you found this useful.

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