How Your Home Can Earn You Money

How your driveway can make you money

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How your driveway can make you money

With the high cost of living people are looking at alternative ways to make extra income.

One excellent way is to rent out your parking space (assuming you own the parking space)

How your driveway can make you money

These days it is simply impossible to find a good regular parking space. If you do find one you have to pay each time you park. Often to book the space you need a mobile phone. So what happens if you do not have a mobile or the battery is flat.

If you do park elsewhere you could be fined for parking in the wrong place – that is something no one wants. So you can help these people

More and more people are realising that they can rent out their own parking space – this can be for one hour, one day, a week or longer

People are willing to pay for this total convenience and you can make money in the process.

So how much can you make?

It does depend on many factors including (but not limited to)

  • The area
  • If you have a parking permit
  • Does your space have CCTV
  • Is it underground
  • It is away from a busy road
  • Is it near good transport links
How your driveway can make you money

How you can advertise your space

You can advertise your space in many ways

  • Contact your local Facebook area and post a link
  • Put a post on Twitter for the local area
  • Register with parking companies who do the hard work for you (they can take a small percentage each month) but it is worth it
  • Ask people in your area if they are looking for a space
  • If you live n a block of flats put a note on the main notice board

By renting out your space it means that a car is parked in your space and means that it can look like someone is at home allt he time. So extra security.

With the amount you recived please remember that it could be taxable. Howver according the HMRC each person is allowed to earn £1000 a year as a side hustle. Anymore and you will need to declare it. If in doubt please talk to a professional. Generally speaking if the total income is £1000 per annum you will need to fill out a tax return.

Important things to consider

Do check with your neighbours especially if you have a shared driveway   

Do make sure you have a contact (if you go via a parking company this is normally in the service contract. However if you are doing your own contact make  sure you state you are not liable for the vehicle or itmes left inside them while they are renting your space.

If you have a parking permit make sure that they have it and that they place it on the window so if the parking controller is near by they know your space is legal. Do make sure the permit has not expired.

If you are the owner of the property there should be no issue with renting your spae but if you are atenant you should speak to your landlord or local council for clarification.

Your mortgage

Do give them a call just to check to see if you need permission

Parking companies

These companies will do the hard work for you. Dealing with the client if there are any issues, handing the contact and paying you.


Just Park

Park on My drive

I have used Park let and Just Park and have been very pleased.

I recommend you register with all the parking companies. You may not hear anything for ages then 2 enquires at once. A quick google search will bring up many more.

I recommend meeting with the potential renter and showing them the space – they can then decide if it is suitable.

Above all take care when deciding on a new tenant. If you feel uncomfortable then do not rent to them

It is generally not an issue. You will not have regular contact with the person renting your space.

So if you are thinking about renting your space it is a good idea and a really easy way to earn some extra income

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