Taking in a Lodger

Taking in a Lodger

With the high cost of living many people are deciding to rent their spare room out. Maybe you have thought about taking in a lodger – below are some points to consider before you proceed.

The benefits of having a Lodger include the following

You can earn £7500 per tax year (tax free) with the rent a room scheme  – https://www.gov.uk/rent-room-in-your-home/the-rent-a-room-scheme

You would have some new companionship

There would be someone around to look after your home/pet when you are away

Can you legally take in a Lodger?

Do check with your Mortgage provider if you own your own home to find out if you can take in a lodger.

If you rent your property you will need to check the terms of your rental agreement

How to find a lodger

  • Ask any family and friends if they know of someone looking for new accommodation
  • Check with local landlords if they can help you find a lodger
  • Ask local estate agents if they could assist
  • Check the local newspapers for adverts for people who are looking for new accommodation.
  • Check online local facebook groups to see if anyone is looking
  • Place an advert yourself.

 Be aware of your safety when meeting potential lodgers. Ask for references and follow them up before signing the agreement.

Do you need additional insurance if you take in a lodger

Do contact your home insurance provider before you consider taking in a lodger.

It is possible you could have to pay extra premium. For example if you have accidential damage cover and your lodger breaks something valuable.

Will I feel safe if I take in a lodger

Of course no one would like a stranger living with them especially in their own home.

If your proposed lodger is someone you know then all should be fine

However if you are having a lodger as a stranger do make some additional precautoins before they move in. Do seek references from their employer, bank and from anyone they know. On first meeting your intended lodger do go with your gut initally. If that person does not feel a good fit then you are under no obligation to proceed.

Additional precautions

Do write up a lodger agreement – which can cover the following:-

  • Amount of Deposit
  • Date of moving in
  • Amount of rent per week or month
  • How long you want the lodger to stay for
  • Do they want to bring their pet(s)
  • Will they be working from home or running a business from your home – you may need to also speak to your insurance provider if this is the case
  • How household bills will be paid ie does the rent cover all of the necessary bills including council tax
  • Have you made the necessary safety checks on all your appliances especially gas appliances
  • If you are a single person and you take in a lodger do check with your local council office as you may not be able to claim a single person reduction. However the council will be able to provide the latest legal requirements.

Condition and appearance of your home

Before any lodger moves in your home must be safe for all.

  • All your furniture must comply with fire safety regulations. If you have some old furniture (even if stored in a shed or loft) you will need to check that it is fire resistance.
  • Taking in a loger your gas safety regulations will apply. You will need to have all your gas appliances checked yearly by a Gas engineer who is registered with Gas Safe.
  • You will also need to check that your electrics are safe and secure. You will need to review your electrical supplies including cookers, kettles, toasters etc are all safe for yourself and your lodger.

 I hope you found these tips useful.


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