Make Money From Your Shed

Make Money From Your Shed

For many people the garden shed is simply that. We store all kinds of items in our sheds and the majority of the time we never use them.

So why not think outside the box and use your shed to make you money.

Below are some ideas that could be useful.

Also as you could be using your shed as storage do make sure it is secure so no one can enter without a key and also that the shed is fully weather proof and there are no leaks.

Make Money From Your Shed

Craft Studio

If you love knitting, jewellery maker or other crafting areas you will only be too aware of how soon all your materials take over your home. This can not only make your home look cluttered but you may feel that you are not able to be as creative as you would like. So the Garden Shed would be an ideal place to keep your craft materials and also your tools. You would find you have the perfect space to be more creative.

Make Money From Your Shed

Rent it out to local photographers

Is your garden shed situated in an enchanting setting?

If so why not contact local photographers who could be looking for attractive places to take that all important promotional shot.

Many high street photographers could be looking to use a shed as a studio to cut back on costs especially rent. In addition, the photographer could have control over the light and backdrops and also have a place to store props etc.

Make Money From Your Shed

Grow Vegetables

If your shed has the right conditions or you have a greenhouse you could use the space to grow vegetables and sell on to local traders/neighbours.

Another use for the shed could be to make and store preserves.

Make Money From Your Shed

Storing goods for resale

Perhaps you are an eBay/Amazon/Etsy reseller or a wholesale purchaser. You will need someone safe and secure to store your items you are going got sell. Likewise, you need to keep the items separate from your household items. This could be an excellent way to use your shed.

Make Money From Your Shed

Film Location

I recently did a blog post on renting your home out – see below. This can also include your garden and shed.

Rent out your house for a filming location

Work from home in your shed

In recent years the working from home sector has increased. However, many people are finding they simply do not have the room in their home to work from home. So why not rent out your shed to people who want to work from home for a few hours a week. Of course you will need to make sure the shed is in an acceptable condition and is safe and secure (I have a section on that below)

Make Money From Your Shed

Important Things to consider

Electrical installation

If you are going to run a business from your shed, you will need to factor in electricity. So do seek out a professional electrician to get this professionally done

Heating and temperature control

If you want heating a standard portable heater should suffice in the winter and in the summer a standard fan.


Do make sure you have the correct insurance cover if you are running a business or having people using your shed.

For many retail/catering businesses being run from home (including the shed) – it is best to check with your local council about any regulations. For example, if you are making food you will need to apply for certain licences.

I hope this post has proved useful – and who knew a shed had so many possibilities.


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