Rent out your house for a filming location

Rent out your house for a filming locationHow your home could become a film set

Rent out your house for a filming location

How often have you watched a television show, seen an advert or watched  film and thought how lovely the home looked. In fact the chances are that is a real home and has been let out for use for filming.

However before you start thinking this could be for me you must of all check with you insurance provider if you are covered and also check with the film company that they have the correct insurance in place. After all you could have many people in and out of your home and there could be potential damage if you are not careful. So do check in advance to be on the safe side. Do make sure you read the small print!

While I have not used my home for filming (too small and no space for parking etc) in the 1960s there was a film called The Boys which used my Aunts flat (we lived in the same block of flats as well). Every so often the film is shown on TV and it brings back happy memories of the area. (Although I was only a baby when it was made!)

Would my house be suitable?

As mentioned above my place would be too small but do not let that put you off.

Film companies need different types of properties from a large Mansion to a local urban estate. If you live in London the demand is greater. However film companies could find an ideal property in Liverpool and use that home and in the programme it could be London based.

If your home is very unique there is a good change your home could be used.

Things to think about

If your home is selected do remember that you could have to move out for the filming Although some filming may not take that long. It really depends on what is being filmed. It is quite possible if it was a commercial or photo shoot you may still be able to stay in the property and not move out. They may just want to use one room instead of the whole house.

Also if you rent out your home to a film crew it could be very disruptive (and may annoy the neighbours!). There will be a lot of people coming and going. The Crew will often have to unload vans of equipment to get your home looking how they want. All this even before filming starts!

However, do not worry as they have to return your home to the way they found it after completion

On the plus side you could have an A lister sitting on your sofa!

How much can you earn

Having done some research you could earn around £1000 a day. Of course this depends on many aspects including budget, if it is just a commercial it could be lower or a major blockbuster the budget could be higher. Remember earnings are hit and miss as it is not as if your home will be used as a film set every day.

On the bright side, they’re obliged to return your property to the way they found it and should be fully insured to cover any damage.

Film location companies

If you are interested there are many film location agencies and below are a few. A quick Google search will find many more.

UK Film Location Company

Lavish Locations

Shoot Factory

Filming Scotland

Register your property on the relevant site. You will need to show photographs of your home to give the location manager a feel of your home.   

You may have to have a visti from a location scout to see if your property is suitable etc so be prepared for that.

I hope this blog post has helped you and you never know your home could be on the big screen soon!

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