Rent your garden out as an allotment

Rent your garden out as an allotment

For many people living in flats especially they will not have access to a garden.
They could have a communal garden but you are unlikely to be able to turn any of that into an allotment – so what is the next best thing?
The answer is renting a space in someone’s garden

Rent your garden out as an allotment

Outdoor space can be very difficult to find in large urban areas such as London.

Did you know that in London you could be waiting up to 40 years for an allotment patch from your local council?

If you have a large garden you may want to think of renting part of the space to another homeowner who does not have access to a garden.

You will need to make sure you have enough room in your garden to rent out.  It is up to you how much you would want to rent out. All of it, half of it – the choice is yours.

You need to factor in how often you will be using your garden on a daily basis throughout the year. Think about summer when you are more likely to be me the garden either Sunbathing, having BBQs or generally entertaining. You would not really want a stranger popping by to do their gardening then.

Rent your garden out as an allotment

Do you have a different entrance rather than your main door to the garden?

Naturally you would not want random strangers popping in and out of your houses on a regular basis.

If you have now decided that Yes it would be a good idea below are some points to get you started

How much could you earn?
Research indicates you could earn around £35 – £40 per month. Not a large amount but in today’s climate it all adds up.

The next steps
Decide on which part of your garden you are going to rent out and mark it off – this way there will be no confusion of what element is for the allotment section
Access to the garden needs to be agreed upon.

Are you using a side gate with a good lock? Why not put a notice on the gate stating you are renting out part of your garden as allotment – you could get passing trade this way.

Rent your garden out as an allotment

Advertise your space
There are several ways you can advertise cheap
 Word of mouth is excellent
 Post card in the local shop windows
 Advertise in the local paper
 Put a note on your local Facebook page of your area

Draw up a contract
This is essential – the contract can be basic that all potential clients will sign and agree to.
The contract should cover (but not limited to)
 Your name and address
 Tenants name and address
 Days of the week the garden can be used
 Hours the can be used
 Dates they will be unable to use the garden for example you may be having regular BBQs in the summer for example
 Amount you are charging (with a refundable deposit)
 Stipulation of care if they break anything
 Weekend or Bank holiday access

Making additional money
Depending on the size of your garden you may want to rent out several plots at £35 – £40 per month – however I would just start with one tenant to see how it developes

Further information

For further advice look at the Local Government Associations section which sets out best practice for people with allotments.

I hope you found this useful.

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