Secret Santa Guide

Secret Santa Guide

It is getting closer to Christmas and we are all starting to feel slightly festive.

There may be talk in your work place of what presents to buy, where you are spending Christmas and the all-important topic The Annual Secret Santa Gift!

Below is a Secret Santa Guide to help with the festive celebrations and to make the occasion one to remember for the right reasons!

Secret Santa Guide

Rules for Secret Santa Gift

Remember not everyone may know how Secret Santa works

  • Do make sure you fully explain what they are expected to do.
  • They are participating
  • The cost of the gift
  • Draw out a name of another person
  • Buy them a gift
  • Make is anonymous

  Set a Budget

Secret Santa Guide

This year especially is tough for everyone and not everyone may wish to contribute £10 to a present. Likewise, some people may feel they need to spend more.

The rule to suggest is everyone buy a present up to £10 and no more. That way there is room for someone to purchase something cheaper. In addition, you can say we welcome home made gifts as well – which would make the whole Secret Santa experience more craft based.


How well do you know your Secret Santa colleague?

As a rule, if you know the person well then you can purchase something they are interested in. In addition, maybe you have shared a joke in the past and you could get an item that reflects that.

If you do not know the person well then speak to other colleagues to find out what their tastes or hobbies are and adapt the gift accordingly.

Now depending on the person you are buying for you can either get them something very appropriate or as in many cases not appropriate at all.

What you might find funny and amusing your colleague may not and could get embarrassed. So unless you know the person very well it may be best to get something safer.

Even if you have simply no idea what to buy the person then stay safe and buy some chocolates or wine.



Avoid Sensitive Gifts

The Secret Santa is meant to be fun. So avoid buying any religious or cultural gifts. Try to also avoid buying clothing. Image if you were given a Jumper (even a Christmas Jumper) from one of your work colleagues. How would you feel knowing them have an idea of your size? If you do buy clothing the only safe items would be scarf, gloves or woolly hats. They fit everyone!

Secret Santa Guide


Make the Secret Santa Fun

The Secret Santa Gifts are meant to be a fun event and there is nothing more funny then seeing everyone opening their presents. The more thought that has gone into the gift the better.

A funny Secret Santa Gift which is funny must make sense to everyone around. None more so that the person receiving the gift. Never offend anyone.


Select a good date and time for the Secret Santa Gifts

With more and more people working from home you will need to select a good date and time when everyone will be in the office. This could be the annual Christmas party or during the day. However, you must make sure everyone who is involved in the Secret Santa is around and can take part.

I hope these few tips will help your Secret Santa event go well.

My next blog post will cover 10 good Secret Santa Gifts.

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